“What type of therapy is this?” – Video of live snails crawling on lady’s face sparks outrage (WATCH)

A video has sparked discussion among social media users as it captured some live snails crawling on a lady’s face.

In a TikTok video shared by @haykraftbeautystudio, it features a woman lying down and undergoing a rather unconventional facial treatment.

The beauty industry is renowned for continually embracing novel and, at times, unconventional trends to meet diverse preferences and demands. Though the snail facial treatment is unconventional, skincare enthusiasts often look for unique and innovative beauty approaches.

In the beginning, only one snail moved around the lady’s face, starting from the nose area and then on her eyelids.

Shortly after, three more snails were introduced and placed on her face, where they proceeded to crawl over every part of it. As the snails crawled, they left slims in their trail.

The video showcasing a woman receiving a facial treatment involving live snails has evoked a wide range of reactions from netizens.


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