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What To Know About Indian Matchmaking’s Akshay Dhumal From Season 2

Who is Indian Matchmaking season 2’s Akshay Dhumal? Get to know the Nashik man better, by learning about his job, Instagram, and relationship.

There’s still curiosity about Akshay Dumal from Indian Matchmaking season 2, including his age, Instagram, and relationship status. Akshay was unable to find the right person to marry on Indian Matchmaking, even with Sima Taparia’s help. He wanted to meet a girl who would move to Nashik, but Sima realized that the chicken expert was actually cursed following a failed engagement.

Poultry business owner Akshay rated himself 9.5 out of 10 on Indian Matchmaking episode 1. He thought that the chances of him meeting a girl in the agricultural town of Nashik were low, and a lot of women unmatched with him on dating apps because of his location. However, when Sima set Akshay up with Devika, a designer from Mumbai who was okay with moving, Akshay argued with her about sustainable living. He also told Sima there was no spark between them. However, Sima felt that it was more than just Akshay’s coordinates or attitude which were impacting his search for a partner.

Sima Believed Akshay Was Cursed

Akshay Dumal Indian Matchmaking

Sima’s trusty face reader Janardhan Durbhe informed her that Akshay was under the “vivah bandhan dosha” curse. Akshay later told the cameras that he had met a girl he almost got married to when he was studying in the U.S. However, her parents opposed the idea of her moving to Nashik, and Akshay didn’t fight hard enough to make the relationship work. To reverse the possibly supernatural curse which prevented him from getting married until he was 40 years old, Akshay performed a ritual, and that’s where his Indian Matchmaking season 2 stint ended.

Akshay’s Education And Career Explained

As per Akshay’s LinkedIn, he attended Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business from 2008 to 2010, and has been the owner of his family’s Dhumal Industries since January 2010. At that company, he is involved in the design, manufacture, and supply of poultry farm equipment. On Indian Matchmaking, Akshay admitted that he had to come back to India because, as an “elder son,” he had to start taking responsibility for his entire family business.

On the work front, Akshay also uses his knowledge of the poultry industry to encourage rural entrepreneurs to take up poultry farming and become self-reliant. While Akshay’s ideal match would have been a woman who relocated to his hometown, Nashik, he seems to be a globetrotter who documents his business and leisure trips on social media, for all to see.

However, what Indian Matchmaking viewers (and Akshay’s many female fans) want to know is if he is still single, or has been able to find a girl with Sima Aunty’s help. Unfortunately for Akshay, the man is possibly still single and ready to mingle, though likely not on Indian Matchmaking.

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