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Napoleon Trailer Hypes Joaquin Phoenix’s Ruthless French Leader As “Wolf” & “God Of War”

A new teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s historical epic, Napoleon, hypes Joaquin Phoenix’s commanding performance as the French “God of War”.

A new Napoleon trailer has been released, highlighting Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as a “wolf” and the “God of War“. Directed by Ridley Scott, the upcoming historical epic charts the life and career of military commander, political leader, and eventual Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte. The film marks the second collaboration between Phoenix and Scott, who last worked together on 2000’s Gladiator.

Now, the official Napoleon Twitter account has shared a new trailer for the film, showing off more of Phoenix’s performance. Watch the new trailer below:

The new sneak peek, which comes as the Napoleon release date is less than a month away, features commentary from Scott, who calls the French commander a “wolf,” as well as comments from the film’s historical and military advisors, who hype his military prowess.

Why Joaquin Phoenix Is A Great Choice For Napoleon

Interestingly, it was Phoenix’s previous collaboration with Scott that really announced him as one of the most exciting actors working in Hollywood, with his performance as Commodus earning him a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars. Commodus is the villain in Gladiator, and Phoenix has consistently done some of his best work playing morally-questionable characters rich with flaws who still remain somewhat empathetic.

While Phoenix was a supporting player in Gladiator, Phoenix will very much be front and center for Napoleon, a movie expected to be a little longer than the 2000 sword-and-sandal flick. This means that Phoenix will have the space as a performer to fully flesh out his character’s many layers. The French dictator is, like Commodus, a man with a darkness and an inner rage, and trailers have shown that the film will not shy away from exploring just how ruthless his rise to power and subsequent reign as emperor was.

What’s more, Napoleon will also not be Phoenix’s first biopic, with the actor previously starring in 2005’s Walk the Line as Johnny Cash. Phoenix’s performance in that movie was a major highlight, once again earning him an Oscar nomination. It remains to be seen how Napoleon will compare to Phoenix’s many other great performances, but trailers certainly suggest it will be among his most impressive roles.

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